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I just finished spending an hour of my Saturday morning attending a free, one-hour online Elluminate session hosted by Classroom 2.0.  It’s great to be able to log on, coffee in hand, and talk with others pursuing similar teaching/technology goals.  This mornings session was on blogging in the classroom – and it was nice to be able to gain some new ideas – as well as share some of the lessons I’ve learned about blogs.

I was particularly interested in the work being done by Kathy Cassidy on blogging with her grade one students.  The piece that impressed me most was the collaborative project with Kathy’s grade one students being mentored by pre-service education students at the University of Regina.  What a brilliant way to make blogging meaningful and authentic for the grade one students, have them receive mentoring in a purposeful way, as well as provide an real opportunity for the pre-service students to interact with student work.  I can imagine the deep conversations that the education students would be able to have about the grade one writing, as well as the excitement that Kathy’s students would have – waiting for the feedback from their “big buddies!”

This example of external collaboration exactly what our school is trying to accomplish.  For the last five years or so – our school has been using the Inquiry Rubric developed by the Galileo Educational Network to guide and deepen our classroom practice.  One of the categories that our school is focusing on this year is Connection with Expertise and we’ve been exploring different ways to use technology to have our students connect their work to people in the community.  This university/grade one example is a great inspiration.

I now want to explore potential partnerships like this at our own University of Calgary.  Thanks Kathy!

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  1. Kathy Cassidy on May 4, 2010 at 11:43 am

    My pleasure, Neil! My class has just finished a semester of collaboration with our “big buddies” and it was another rewarding experience. I hope that you can find something that works as well for you. Patrick Lewis, who has been collaborating with me, is going on sabbatical next year, so I’ll be looking for a new partnership as well!

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